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The more you learn...the more you EARN !

The Power Of Ideas

Our reputation, our systems and services will ultimately provide opportunities for growth in all areas, building your martial arts knowledge and your martial arts business.

We are all very capable martial artist as a result of our training, but who has taught us the business of martial arts??

Your Very Own MA Business Coach/Mentor

You have to continue to practice, you have to continue to learn and seek out knowledge, to find new and better ways, no matter what level you're at now. No matter how high you are on that ladder, your first priority should be to make a commitment to continued betterment, continued self-improvement and a continued effort to know more about every thing that will affect your life and your MA Business.

"We are in the information age and those that constantly evolve using the resources available to them will not only succeed faster but will succeed most".

Having your very own business coach is but a phone call or email away. For 10 minutes to an hour you can spend anything from $200 to $600 for a business consultant that does not have a clue about martial arts. For the price of your membership however you can have full and unlimited access to your ma business advisor/mentor. You will never again have the excuse to lose focus or allow yourself to regress.

Learn how to grow from those with a success record

As I pursued my dream of becoming a professional instructor, I would practice day in and day out. I spent countless hours practicing my form. Unfortunately, I did not seek out the guidance of seasoned professionals in the facets of running a martial arts business. I wasted several years of my life pursuing dream growth that couldn't be achieved at the rate I aspired to because of the way I went about it. My strategy did not and could not have allowed me to reach my goal's. By the time I had reached the point where I recognised where it all went wrong, it was too late to make up for lost time.

The crucial mistake I made is that I tried to get better alone. I should have capitalised on the opportunity to have the best teachers in the business of martial arts teach me what I should have been doing and help me correct what I was doing wrong. It was not about technical instruction but in financial and marketing management of my MA Business.

In early 1998 I was forced to close my school due to a freak hail storm.By Jannaury 2000 I re opened with a new attitude,new location armed with the latest professional business ideas.

What was amazes me to this day it took me over 13 years to reach 180 students at my Newtown school.In just over three years of opening my school in Liverpool City ,it grew to over 350 active members. All this with a 7th Dan Hapkido Group instructor across the road that was established for over 8 years and a 9th Dan instructor 100m up the road. Not only did we grow, our opposition was forced to close or move! The difference was my monthly subscription & my world wide network of professional instructors. - Fari Salievski

Evolution Not Revolution

MA Professionals is a business body providing networking and recognition opportunities for those striving to achieve more. "Why spend 20 years of your life to achieve what you could do in the next year".

"Knowledge is not information, it's transformation”
Commit to your personal development today. Commit to excellence and become excited by the return you know your investment will provide in the form of opportunity, promotion, and income.

What you do today will realise the goals of tomorrow.
You have an opportunity to be part of a professional network of instructors aiming to grow their schools and their income.

Desire To Succeed Desire to Succeed "A school competing on the basis of price can and always will be undercut. A school competing on the basis of uniqueness can always be copied. A school competing on the basis of a technical advantage and ability can always be caught. A school competing on the basis of value can always be matched. But a school with passion for knowledge cannot be touched."

It's not can I afford to join, but rather can I afford not to join??
Time To Ignite That Passion!

Remember: "It's what you don't know that will ultimately hurt you, going stale in ideas and motivation? That will certainly hurt you even more!"

Worlds's Largest Martial Arts Business Network

I opened my first school in 1986, I wish I knew then what I know now. Martial Arts Professionals provides a complete marketing & student service ideas to the martial arts industry in the Asia/Pacific region. A world of resources to support the growth and success of schools aspiring to excellence.

The first step in transforming your school is to transform yourself
You cannot do that if you are an island, you cannot do that alone.

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