Raving Fans

Ridvan Manav

"The ideas, the back up and support on tap all have contributed to my new found enthusiasm and student growth".
Australian Self Defence Academy NSW

Joe Ingrati

"I cannot recommend MA professionals enough, they are living, walking examples of ongoing success in the martial arts. Wealth creation for schools starts here!"
JAI Martial Arts, Maroubra NSW

Kelly Seif & More

"It has changed the way we run our school forever, we want to be masters in business and MA Professionals has been the key of opportunity.Mr Salievski has the school,the lifestyle that proves he can not only "talk the talk"but he can "walk the walk".He is a true mentor and an example to aspire to."
Seif Martial Arts & XFC Centres, Noble Park Victoria
Mr Barry Allbon
Great marketing ideas each month but above all the support and web site systems is excellent. Products and range will provide me with an endless supply of ideas and opportunity. I cannot recommend MA Professionals enough.
East Martial Arts, Richmond Vic

Cameron Gill
Thanks very much for being so quick with getting the packages out to me. I was very impressed, however I couldn't get to sleep the first night because of all the ideas.
Paragon Martial Arts, Victoria

Gordon Evans
I went from a part time instructor in a part time hall to a full time facility within 3 months, 18 months later I became the owner of my very own building!
I owe it all to Fari!!!!
Freestyle Martial Arts, WA

The Challenge to Change

By Jeremy Takody

Having recently returned from an interstate trip to Master Salievski's school I feel both motivated and challenged to improve myself as a martial artist, and as a Martial Arts Professional.

I believe that in martial arts there are real experts, individuals who have a deep knowledge and understanding of the mechanics involved with creating a predictable result, creating a successful outcome. I have been fortunate to come across several people who are such outstanding instructors and people, like my coach John Will, and over more recent years Master Fari Salievski.

To my mind, mastery of any kind has many layers. Each time a new concept is understood and adopted within the psyche, change is created. Most people understand that the greatest changes which are seen from the outside, always begin from within. The questions you pose to yourself on a regular basis about where you are going, becomes a steady source of focus. This focus and repetition of small changes over a period of time can ultimately create enourmous rewards. With specialised knowledge and a little leverage, these personal and financial rewards can become exponential.

In martial arts terms this repetition and increasing knowledge is the key to success. While fighting as an art may be understood by many, the art of understanding people is not. In providing a professional school as many good martial artists attempt to do, instructors often focus on the familiar aspects of fighting, without examining the art of serving people, the art of business. While this focus on fighting as an art produces individuals with outstanding attributes, it often leaves the instructor in a position where they must maintain a second job. Ultimately this leads to limitations on their students potential, and creates a difficult path for the instructors own evolution. It is as if somehow a professional service is made impossible with traditional views. I have felt this conflict myself, and still battle with it over certain subjects.

While there may be a conflict, in reality it only exists within the instructor. There are however a growing few who are realising that you can do both. The challenge is not in the conflict between the two, but in expanding the knowledge of service and then synergising outstanding service with outstanding martial arts. For this there are systems, and there are people who have stood out from the crowd. Having returned from a spur of the moment stay in Sydney at Master Salievski's school I feel compelled to comment about what became a motivating weekend.

From my experience of knowing Master Fari Salievski over the past five or so years, I can say that he has mastered the arts of both fighting and professional service.

With a personal step by step approach, Master Salievski has helped thousands of people develop themselves for lasting improvement. In the same way, he has networked with hundreds of business operators throughout the world, and helped many gain predictable results through tested and evolving information, and through constantly improving service. In the same way that a white belt progresses to blackbelt and beyond, Master Salievski promotes systems which benefit both the student and the instructor, and now helps promote martial arts as an important and professional industry for all people.

While I was at Fari's school, it was great to "hang out" with many great martial artists and relax and learn not just about ways of fighting, but about improving service.

While I was there I witnessed an outstanding grading of no less than 17 blackbelts, including several second and third degree blackbelt promotions. As a member of a guest grading panel I was honoured to witness this event and congratulate Fari and the participants on their success. In fact the grading panel itself was a tribute to Master Fari, with highly ranked instructors from all over Australia (and overseas) witnessing the event. Some of the highest profile instructors were present, and it was an honour to be in their company. In fact one of the most enjoyable aspects of the weekend, was simply getting to know some these top people in the martial arts industry without just talking about fighting. Simply hanging out with the calibre of people associated with Mr Salievski was a breath of fresh air, and I now return to Melbourne filled with new ideas and new enthusiasm for the future. Not only that, but it opened the oppourtunity to network with many other school owners without a sense of competition. Instead of conflict, the feeling of mutal benefit and friendship was overwhelming.

While improved business and service may be the end result, for the long term I also feel inspired having made new friends. This change would not have been made possible without the unreserved friendship of Fari, who continues to be a source of inspiration.

Master Fari with his empasis on the Martial Arts industry as a Profession is facilitating a great and important change in the way that martial arts operates throughout Australia. While some people feel that these changes are unnecessary, I feel that the challenge to change is always there, until now there simply wasn't a network capable of guiding the way. Having seen the positive results of MA Professionals first hand I have no hesitation reccomending Fari as a business and martial arts coach and look forward to mutual success for all martial artists.

Still excited, Jeremy Ta'kody

Producer: BlackBelt Digital Video, Masters of Grappling DVD Series Senior Instructor: Malvern Martial Arts, Melbourne Australia Former Editor: Blitz Martial Arts Magazine,International Kickboxer Magazine,Australian Taekwondo Magazine