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We're offering you an incredible opportunity to turn your source of frustration into a source of lead generation and student enrichment with a personalized, full-featured website that's already been created especially for YOU!

Simply log in and begin to add your school details ... it’s that easy & you're ready to go!

Imagine ... In just a few minutes, you can start attracting students to your school. Nothing could be easier - or more effective!

The layout is FREE ... the trial is FREE ... but the results are priceless!

Yes YOU CAN Build your own website in minutes!

Discover how good it feels to be in charge , you control the design, you can update your website instantly. No experts required, no additional costs or time wasting.

Being a professional martial arts instructor,I know what you want having made so many dumb mistakes and wasted so much $$$$$!

  • You want total control of design!
  • You want to update your timetable or events in seconds!
  • You want to change the colours or graphics in seconds!
  • You want to be independent of the so-called computer geniuses!
  • You want a free contact mailer giving a record and database of everyone that enters your site!
  • Hosting your own web page & web design from a single source!
  • You want to add further strength & value to your advertising & flyers showing your web site address! Yes they can then check out your full class schedule, testimonials & more.

    I am a computer dummy yet I found it super easy, check out my school website as a preview,its had 1000's of hits!

Package Options

Choose Your Package Options Your choice of package will be determined by your school's needs and concerns. 

FREE trial.......No Obligation

Your website is the virtual front door to your school. An unfinished or non-existent site is the same as displaying a large "Closed... Come Back Later" sign to your student prospects.

When website content is stale or the design is poor and unintuitive, visitors come once but don't return. Since changing most website content can be time-consuming and costly, most businesses fail to keep content fresh. But with our unique solution, there's NO additional cost to update your website and changes are accomplished in seconds!

You can effortlessly change staff, add programs, modify schedules, post events, change pictures, create special offers, build groups, email leads and communicate with members.


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